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Welcome to Aimable Love Poems. This website is dedicated to the poems of Barbara T. Aimable, a teacher and a London based Poet.

About the Poet

Barbara T. Aimable has been writing poetry for a long time but her poems were mainly shared with her pupils not only as a means to develop their writing skills in the classroom but to inspire them to appreciate the power of words.

She began to take writing poetry seriously and, for a mature audience about 15 years ago but yet she still kept her poems to herself.

It was only 10 years ago that she felt that it was time to give birth to the new creative ideas that were bursting to be written, read and heard along with the poems she had archived. A close friend and work colleague, Doreen King loved poetry and offered to read and edit every single poem the poet had written and continued to write. It was Doreen's response to the poems that encouraged the poet to publish her work. That was the beginning.


Many of Barbara T. Aimable's poems will give you some insight into her relationship with God and the many beautiful saints He has introduced her to. Some who are now her closest and dearest friends as well as being her brothers and sister in Christ.

She admits that she is an incurable romantic and so, of course, many of her poems will also reflect her outlook on life and love. She continues to write poems for children and has led a writers workshop for gifted pupils in a school in Croydon. She has now decided to publish a book specifically for children, after all, it all started in the classroom!

Her style is different but easy to read. It is modern with a flare of the classics! She also writes about social and political issues delivered in a range of styles to keep the reader interested.
From Haiku – Prose, Sonnets, Acrostics, Couplets and  . . . Well, why don’t you find out for yourself?


Published books by Barbara T. Aimable
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