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A Book of Poetry for Children

Sunflowers, taken from my new book simply titled 'A Book of Poetry for Children' (coming soon).

The Poem was shared with junior pupils in a school in South London during the launch of 'Arts Week.'  Sunflowers, the poem was used not only to introduce pupils to the artist Vincent Van Gogh but also to inspire literacy (poetry) using art.

Sunflowers Poems

Let Your Little Light Shine

This poem is dedicated to the pupils of Hazel Community Primary School, Leicester. 


I have enjoyed every moment being the Headteacher of your school and sincerely hope that you continue to show everyone how amazing you are.  

Spider Web Poem

Spider's Web  

The inspiration for this poem came one cold morning in Autumn when I opened my shutters and became mesmerised by the vision that greeted me.  Normally, I am not so observant particularly so early in the day . . . but that morning, I was moved and penned this poem in response.

Little light shine.jpg


Let Your Little Light Shine

Let your little light Shine
Do not be afraid to be who you are.
Show everyone around you
What you are capable of;
Be proud and let them know what you can do!


Let your little light shine
Do not be afraid to be who you are
For your light is unique there is none other like you;
Be confident and let

Your talent shine through.

Barbara T. Aimable

July 2019

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