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Featured Book

Justice by Barbara T. Aimable

The featured book this month is Justice.

Unfortunately, gang crime is prevalent in my community and other London boroughs and, has been for many years. The devastating impact of knife crime, which usually results in a fatality is alarmingly high and there appears to be no indication that it is abating.  

The book attempts to give some insight into the grief and pain experienced by those affected by the loss.

Justice was a teenage boy who was simply on his way home when he was attacked by a group of boys unknown to him.  He was not a member of a gang, he was not involved in any altercations which could have provoked the attack. Justice just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. 



Cut down in his prime

The young man lay on the cold concrete ground

His right hand he placed on the fatal wound.

Only sixteen when the attack occurred

Not feeling any pain but cold and alone

But aware of the impending doom.


The youths scattered quickly

After the knife pierced the heart and blood was released.

The premeditated deed had been done;

Pain was inflicted,

Death was imminent

Another mother will lose her son.


Help arrived too late

His life force had departed

Leaving behind the shell of who he used to be.

The paramedics once again disheartened

Because the senseless crime of the youth

Has claimed another young body.


© 2012

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